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Taylor Fladgate Port Celebrates 325th Anniversary with Special Bottling

roy fire
Taylor Fladgate Port Celebrates 325th Anniversary with Special Bottling


Revered Port House Marks Milestone Anniversary by Recreating
17th Century Port Voyage & Introduces Special Bottling

The history of Port goes back to the late 1600s, with one important chapter beginning in 1692 when Job Bearsley, an English merchant, travelled to Portugal to venture into the wine business, founding the company now known as Taylor Fladgate. This year, Taylor Fladgate celebrates its 325th anniversary as one of the oldest and most renowned Port producers in the world. To mark the occasion, Taylor Fladgate releases a special limited-edition bottling that arrives in the U.S. this month, and recently joined forces with single-handed yachtsman, Ricardo Diniz, to re-enact Taylor Fladgate’s first shipment of Port.


Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor Fladgate, comments: "Our history is often the history of Port itself, because in 325 years we have always been in the front line. We have pioneered new categories of Port, introduced sustainable viticulture, developed leading-edge viniculture whilst preserving traditional practices and opened challenging paths for markets that are now fundamental to the wine business. Port is one of the great classics in the wine world today, partly due to Taylor Fladgate’s tireless work throughout generations.”


To commemorate the milestone, Taylor Fladgate’s blending team has drawn on their extensive cask aged reserves to create a special blend of fine oak-matured Ports selected for their depth and richness of flavor. The limited-edition Taylor Fladgate 325th Anniversary Reserve Tawny, released in a special 1692-style bottle, is a fitting tribute to Taylor Fladgate’s long history and mastery of the art of cask aging and blending.



(20% ABV; $37.99 SRP; Toiriga Nacional, Toiriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Cão, Tinta Amarela)


TASTING NOTE:    A rich, figgy nose with a background of toffee and mocha, notes of plum and apricot, spicy hints of black pepper, nutmeg and fleeting scents of jasmine, all come together in a heady complex harmony. Dense and luscious on the palate, with a wonderful velvety smoothness. The mellow flavors of butterscotch and molasses merge with rich jammy red berry flavors, a perfect blend of youth and maturity.

FOOD PAIRING:    Pairs well with figs, almonds, pecan pie, desserts made with coffee or caramel, and crème brûlée. It can also be served at the end of the meal with walnuts or dried fruit and it can be slightly chilled in the summer.


The reenactment of Taylor Fladgate’s early days took place in May 2017 when a cask of the Taylor Fladgate 325th Anniversary Reserve Tawny Port was loaded onto a fully restored yacht named #Taylor325 at the quayside of the River Douro close to the Taylor Fladgate lodges. From there, Diniz sailed with the cask to London in the manner that would have been familiar to Job Bearsley in the 17th century. A leading ambassador of Portuguese culture, Diniz comments: “This is an important part of Port and Portugal’s history and something I am proud to represent and share.”




About Taylor Fladgate:

Taylor Fladgate is one of the oldest Port houses, established in 1692, and celebrates its 325th anniversary this year. It has remained a family business since its foundation and is dedicated entirely to the production of the finest quality Port, from the planting of the vineyards and the cultivation of the grapes to the making, ageing, blending and bottling of the wines. The family’s commitment to the future of Port is demonstrated by its determination to preserve the unique environment of the Douro Valley through the promotion of sustainable and responsible viticulture.


The company is known above all for its elegant and long lived Vintage Ports, which are amongst the world’s most recognised, sought after and collectible wines. They are drawn from the firm’s three distinguished ‘quintas’ or estates, Vargellas, Terra Feita and Junco. Taylor Fladgate pioneered the LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) category and continues to be the category reference worldwide. It also pioneered dry white Port with the release in 1934 of Chip Dry, the first Port of this style, and was the first to develop the Single Quinta Vintage category. Taylor Fladgate is also regarded as one of the leading producers of Aged Tawnies and holds one of the most extensive reserves of cask aged Port.