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Here are seven marveling shirts everybody needs to wear during the summer in 2017:


1. The White Dress Shirt

“Casual” shirt needs to look a bit sharper. A good white shirt must have a point or spread collar (not button-down). If you could get one with short tails so that you’ll have the option of wearing it untucked without long shirts tails hanging down in front.

These are worn as business wear so that it won’t be day to day casual staple. But it’s good to have the option of wearing a shirt by pairing very casual trousers or jackets with a good T-shirt.

2. The Blue Oxford T-shirt

Every man has to get this marvelous T-shirt in the summer. This is where the “blue collar” is originated (during the time when collars were still removable from shirts), and it’s still a look that says “making an attempt to look nice, but don’t mistake it for a stuffed suit.”

You don’t need a super-fined oxford for casual shirts. You need a shirt whose weave dresses down and includes some visual texture.

3. The Candy-Striped Button-Down

This shirt has a common pattern of vertical lines alternating between a single solid color and white. Blue is very common, but just as any color may be used. Its informality goes fine with a button-down collar instead of the more dressy point or spread styles.

These are good shirts to put on with blazers and sports jackets, especially those that don’t have a pattern of their own. You get a bit of a visible pop, and the jacket makes the dress look more livelily than cubicle wear.

Make sure you keep this one in the “strictly casual” part of the closet, but, it’s not something to wear with a business suit, although it’s a long-sleeved collared shirt.

4. The Tattersall T-shirt

Tattersall is a particular pattern of broad checks on a white background. You can get pretty ones that might be worn with suits in some conditions, and these are the best shirt to wear in 2017; look for a shirt that has good cotton material with a spread collar.

Worn untucked with the sleeves rolled, these make a great casual shirt in the summer. Or throw them under a navy blazer for something a bit preppier.

It’s not common for most men to pick up automatically. However, it’s one of the most versatile in the casual cloth cabinet. A good long-sleeved shirt in Tattersall is worth a bit of hunting.

5. The Plaid Workshirt

It is not only for lumberjacks and hippies anymore. A constrained plaid on a light cotton shirt looks incredible when paired with khakis or gray slacks. A particularly quality weave with a clean surface can help set the shirt apart from the fuzzier flannels we associate than the fuzzier flannels we associate with outdoorsmen.

Choose two colors to get the best results, for instance, a classic red on black or a more urbane navy on white. Once you start entering into Scottish clan tartans, it gets a little wild for anything outside a lumberjack’s flannel shirt.

6. The Rumpled Linen Shirt

Linen has a tendency to wrinkle easily. Lightweight summer shirts in a strong light color show off this as a function rather than a bug, and it’s worth owning one in the summer.

If you’ve seen magazine images of a handsome man on the beach, wearing a light-coloured shirt with the sleeves rolled carelessly up, it is likely to be linen. Pair it with any color of cotton slacks, however never with linen pants of another color or a linen suit.

7. The Seersucker Button-Down

Short-sleeved seersucker shirts with a button front and button-down collar are a summer package deal of light-weight, breathable, and fashionable. Blue-and-white candy stripe is common, however a solid or a more variegated striping work just as well.

One thing to avoid is wearing a seersucker shirt with a seersucker suit, jacket, or trousers. Pick whether you need to wear the shirt or suit (or separates), but never wear both.



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