Adon is a magazine that takes a fresh look at fashion and style for men. It will take an honorary place in your list of favorite men’s fashion magazines.

Every issue gives you insight into every aspect of the modern “it” boy’s life. On the pages of our print & online magazine for men you will learn everything about big city life: fashion, pop culture news, artistic projects with celebrities and your everyday fitness tips. See all the benefits of urban men's fashion from a new perspective in this magazine.

The first issue of this men's lifestyle magazine was published in December 2012. Bold looks created by the best designers and photographers especially for Adon instantly caught the attention of stylish, extraordinary men from every corner of the globe. Our magazine was recognized as one of the top men's fashion magazines, and yes, it makes us proud!

Adon is not just any men's fashion magazine — from the very first page you will be pulled into a colorful flurry of pop culture, fashion, and art. With the help of creative young authors, photographers, and designers from every part of the globe, you will be the first to know what the fashion world of tomorrow is going to look like. This is a completely new type of men's lifestyle magazine. We know how to help you find your own style in the hustle and bustle of the big city. The secrets of male attractiveness are revealed in creative photo stories composed by famous designers, male models, and photographers. If you don’t want to miss a single detail, purchase the new issue in the online Adon shop and enjoy exclusive materials from the best authors!

Worldwide celebrities and the hottest male models assume completely unexpected personalities on the pages of Adon: stylish playboys, powerful sportsmen, and fabulous macho, handsome devils. We look for the most topical matters to make sure you devour every single page. If you are sick and tired of boring looks in classic men's fashion magazines, have no doubt — Adon is just what you need!

New issues of Adon come out every two months. This is your year-round fashion guide — you are always prepared. We will tell you about the latest trends in the world of men’s fashion and about bright, creative people that make up this world. You will learn about the latest art projects and life of “it” boys in New York.

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