ADON WATCHES: Stone Island FW '013 - '014 video

ADON WATCHES: Stone Island FW '013 - '014 video

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Game of Thrones has made the following sentence impossible to say without making you think of the Lannisters and/or the Starks but for the sake of the article, it must be said:  Winter is coming.

If you’re anything like me, you agree that come winter, the fashion world steps up their game.  They try that little bit harder because their wardrobe becomes entirely useable (unlike in summer where it seems every single person recycles the same 4 t-shirts around for 3 months).  Even the idea of layering gives someone far more credit than the dreaded denim cut-offs that seemed to be quite popular during this past NY summer (there NYC, I said it).  This is the time when everyone becomes slightly more brooding and serious about it all.  Winter is the time for fashion magnates to show us all how it's done.  A perfect video example that manages to catch the weather, mood, brood and fashion of winter is in the Stone Island FW ‘013 – ‘014 video.

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Stone Island is an Italian design house that is based in Bologna and has captured the essence of the upcoming FW season in a very quick minute and a half, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it video.  It is the perfect forum and media to show off Stone Island's new collection of duds.  They have used the combination of brooding male models in conjunction with obscure camera angles, a grey color scheme in the backdrop which works with the juxtaposed harsh colors of the winter parkers and a backing track, which seems to tie the whole thing together in a neat package despite the rivalling ideas presented.  It is stylized beauty with a winter feel.

Camo greens and deep reds have been thrown into the collection alongside futuristic color schemes printed onto puffer jackets.  The entire collection radiates the impression that despite the bold designs, anybody can style themselves.  Each piece can be styled in many different ways utilizing the base pieces from the collection as well.  The chameleon-like ability to create different looks when you are a boldly designed piece is always worth congratulating the head designers for.  What they’ve achieved is nothing short of the title: Winter-essentials.


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In saying all this, it’s not surprising that the label has come up with pieces that are so easily adaptable into any wardrobe as they were the company to come up with the “Liquid Reflective” jacket.  This piece contained thousands of shards of glass in its surface  to refract light and make the jacket seem as though it was simply a colored liquid on the surface of the jackets owner.  Innovation such as this is the reason why you need to check out this campaign video.  Watch it once.  Watch it twice.  Watch it as many times as you need to while you make room in your cupboard.  This winter, Stone Island will take care of the layering for you.  Now all you have to do is work on that winter brooding glare.


Christopher Klimovski


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