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The style of Beard & Bates

Tal peer
The style of Beard & Bates

Beard & Bates has echoed in the ears of beard wearers across decades. It offers eclectic and unique products, which steep in both historical significance and radical vision. The brand incorporates diverse products that make it easy for a man to grow his beard, care for it and give it a personal style. This holiday season gives your favorite beard the gift of Beard & Bates.

Beard & Bates is a modern company that carries on the work began by two different American artisan families: the Beard family of North Carolina and the Bates family of Virginia. Both families historically became known for their creativity, inventions, ideas, and products that defied the expected. The grooming line, produced by the creative entrepreneur, Beard Bates, seeks to recreate the 19th Century beard oil, combs, fashion, products and sundries that his ancestors became known for crafting. They are neither retro nor contemporary but desire to produce what is universally alluring.


"Beard & Bates caters to anyone who is interested in us, which is most commonly men who want the best in beard grooming products and unique grooming and fashion accessories. We re-envision 19th Century formulas and designs; we want to keep things historically grounded and anchored in a time when people took more care with what they were producing," says owner Beard Bates. We strive to create quality, one-of-a-kind products.
 Beards tend to weave through pop-culture in the same way as do trends in hairstyles and clothing. Currently, the bearded man is in vogue. In Europe and the United States, beards have become favored among musicians, actors, and other creative types as well as world-renowned athletes; the trend is now being adopted by men everywhere and of all lifestyles. 
  This holiday season Beard and Bates are offering beards of the world a winter special on artisan Beard Balms, aka “the perfect stocking-stuffer.”  

Bearded men can incorporate it into their daily routine and use it to hone their individual style. All in all, Beard & Bates provides products for the Life of Rebellion. Indeed, its products are world-class, uncommon and bold. 

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