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Roots of Fight X Muay Thai Collection

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Roots of Fight X  Muay Thai Collection

Roots of Fight Launches All-New Muay Thai Collection

n celebration of Boxing Day (which is commonly celebrated every year in Thailand on March 17th), Roots of Fight has just released a fierce new stadium jacket giving tribute to Nai Khanom Tom, a legendary Siamese hero whose fighting style later became known as muay thai.


According to legend, in 1774 Nai Khanom Tom was one of thousands of Siamese prisoners being held by the Burmese King Mangra after the Burmese invasion in the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The king selected Nai Khanom Tom to fight against a Burmese fighter. Nai Khanom Tom won by knockout. The referee claimed the win not to be valid due to possible sorcery so the King then sent in 9 other fighters, one by one without time breaks. They were all put on the ground by the hands (and knees and elbows) of Nai Khanom Tom. Impressed by his abilities, King Mangra pardoned Nai Khanom Tom, allowing him to return to Siam along with other Siamese prisoners. In his honor, the king claimed him to be “blessed with venom” and later acknowledged Nai Khanom Tom as a hero. His fighting style became known as Siamese-Style boxing or muay thai which later became recognized as the national sport of Thailand.


In honor of this Siamese hero, this limited edition stadium jacket comes in yellow with red, black and blue designs with a navy blue gym bag and packaged together in the new Roots of Fight black box and wrapped in Thai inspired lining. This collection was created in collaboration with award-winning stylist IIaria Urbinati and celebrity trainer Johnny Hunt. In addition to training celebrities out of Fortune Gym in Hollywood, Johnny also serves as Ilaria’s official muay thai trainer. Upon discovering and falling in love with the brand, Ilaria and Johnny decided to join forces in hopes of creating a collection that celebrates fighters around the world. With Ilaria’s remarkable fashion sense and expertise styling A-list celebrities such as Donald Glover, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and more, these two made for the perfect collaborators for Roots of Fight.


Today, Roots of Fight also released the brand’s timeless capsule collection. This features a pair of navy blue sweatpants, a comfy white short sleeve t-shirt and a long sleeve fitted hoodie.

ָAll items from both the muay Thai and capsule collection are now available for purchase on Roots of Fight. Check out the images below!