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Modus Vivendi Tone2Tone Line Fall Winter Collection 2017-2018

roy fire
Modus Vivendi Tone2Tone Line Fall Winter Collection 2017-2018
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Modus Vivendi Launches the Tone2Tone Line from the Fall Winter Collection 2017-2018
inspired by the underground stage of Berlin.



Modus Vivendi is blurring the line between Dark style and Luxury fashion.

Inspired by the underground stage in Berlin and the neo punk music wave the Tone2Tone line will be a great accompaniment to the dark futuristic fashion. Goth -Punk meets refined Dark style with a muted and monochrome color palette accented by silver and metallic details creating a strong feel to the looks you can create.

The Tone2Tone line allows you to experiment and embed these pieces into your signature look ensuring attention to detail for the modern men.  The styling and layering of the looks can be exceptional, and we are sure to see these pieces bringing the all-black style in the spotlight.

The line itself showcases brief, boxer, jockstrap, shorts, pants, meggings, tanktop, t-shirt, jumper, pullover and robe.

We can’t wait to watch the Ton2Tone journey unfold into the streetwear styles of the world as this line`s minimal aesthetic is always a must have.

The Modus Vivendi Tone2Tone line is available from €20.50

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Modus Vivendi
Photographer: p2 photography
Model: Christos Kitsiou
Video: p2 photography
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece