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ASON'S Gift Guide

Tal peer
ASON'S Gift Guide

Egg Weights

Egg Weights are the world’s only ergonomically designed hand weights that conform to your body’s natural motion. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are secured with the help of a finger loop and rubber grip around the weight. Unlike any other running tool on the market today, Egg Weights make the connection between your arms, core and legs while increasing intensity and efficiency. 



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Freeletics is a new app that offers results- guaranteed high intensity training, using bodyweight only, anywhere and anytime. The workout coach includes 3, 6 or 12 months of highly-effective and results-guaranteed personalized training instruction. Based on the training data of thousands of athletes, detailed workouts plans individually adapted to your goals, your level of fitness and your progress are provided weekly.



Feels almost non-existent in your pocket, this amazingly light money clip is designed to be almost completely flat on the money. Instead of using a tall, awkward lip to force the money clip over your contents, we engineered ours to not just work better but look better. The Tightwad Money Clip makes for the best men's gift this holiday season!


Uncommon Green's popular 26.2 Marathon Route Map

Exciting news for the runner in your life!  designs are now available in their versatile, on-the-go Insulated Drinkware! Performance meets design in these beautiful Insulated Tumblers and Bottles made with industrial-grade stainless steel and vacuum-insulated for maximum temperature retention.

  • Engraved with the famous routes of iconic marathons around the world

  • Add personalized text such as the runner's name and bib number, race date, or personal record time

The perfect gift for runners to commemorate their achievement and inspire them for the next race.