Adon Trends with top stylist Maya Kramer

Halloween is just a few days away and hopefully you are prepared with a spooktacular costume.



I have put together some ideas that can be worn way past All Saints Day.

Here are a few costume items you may have come across (or own) that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe.


Lets start with the all famous Mickey ears. In my opinion, you can wear these on a daily basis and create smiles all around!


Everyone likes a bit of mystery.  This item will have people curious as to what kind of man stands behind the mask:  


Who says you can't be super all year round?  Here's a belt to make you feel and look like a hero year round!




For a purr-fect look, throw on a pair of flattering joggers, a basic tee and a cool pair of sneaks.  You will be sure to turn heads in the right direction:



Whether you plan to be an angel or a devil this Halloween eve, these cufflinks will constantly keep you in check:cuffs

Last but not least, if you ever have that kind of day when you just want to feel a little more 'buff,' I have the perfect solution for you:


Try it for a day, you will never want to "take it off"

Happy Halloween!



Own it, Wear it, Flaunt it!