Adon Trends with top stylist Maya Kramer

On my daily searches for the best and most original stuff for men, I came across this really unique site with original handcrafted goods . It's called Sundance Catalog and it was founded by the legendary actor Robert Redford.  The idea comes after Redford founded the Sundance Film Festival in 1969 which caters to independent filmmakers in the United States.   He then opened a shop in the ski resort town with the same idea of promoting artists and designers, which later turned online after high demand.


They have everything ranging from  outerwear, footwear, accessories inspired by art and nature.


At first glance, the catalog could appear a bit conservative for the average Adon man, but I discovered special gems that you will love:



(credit from left to right: Soap & Shaving Cream $28, Reading Glasses $85, Solar Charger $45, Socks $40, Flask $25, Duffel bag $125, Paddle Ball Set $28, Board Shorts $68, Shoes $355, IPhone % Case $40, Nail CuffLinks $98, Half Dollar Ring $120)