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Join The Movement Of Mindfulness With Komuso

Tal peer
Join The Movement Of Mindfulness With Komuso


Join The Movement Of Mindfulness With Komuso Design

Let's be  honest, we all live a crazy life, chasing after our own tail most of the day.

So we try to balance it by going to the gym or yoga, but what if there was something we could have carry with us everywhere? What if we had a little secret tool which we could use every time when we need that moment to  BREATH?  Like a cool accessory that slows your breath and quiets the mind – shifting you to a better place

We all Suffering from anxiety from time to time, the founders of Komuso Design searched for a meaningful solution – instead of mindlessly scrolling through their phones to distract their minds. When a friend recommended trying out meditation, it was the simplicity of deep breathing that proved difficult. Giving up, the couple met a man selling flutes used by ancient Komuso monks on a neighborhood art walk.

Japanese monks devoted to the ancient Eastern discipline of blowing zen through a flute to feel good, an idea was born. Inspired to transform the flute into a necklace to slow breath, The Shift proved successful for any occasion: in the office, during arguments, in traffic, before stressful phone calls, and even first thing in the morning.  

The Shift slows your exhale to 10 seconds, which scientifically triggers your nervous system to calm the mind and body instantly. Instead of just relying on a clichéd deep breath, The Shift gives people a physical tool to literally change their state of mind. It’s the first of its kind and it’s changing lives



·  Stillness 14K Gold: The product of who you are during the storm, stillness is essential. While waves can sometimes rock the boat, a still mind never wavers – wear this beautiful reminder to stay still in any moment. 

·  Men’s Shift Sterling Silver:  It is sleek, minimalistic commitment to mindfulness! 

Can you imagine a world where you could live in the present moment – without stress or anxiety? Make peace of mind your priority with Komuso Design. 



Visit https://www.komusodesign.com/ to shop the different designs.