Tal peer


Tal peer

By: Elle Cole

The very first collab that starts the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Diadora. For its 1st anniversary's collab, Diadora chooses its Heritage line and has teamed up with Diemme  - storied footwear factory that boasts 25 years of top-tier experience - to realize a limited edition of a mountain boot.


These two storied brands located in Italy’s major Montebelluna shoemaking district — Diemme, the renowned Onè di Fonte (Treviso) — based footwear factory that boasts 25 years of top-tier experience; and Diadora, the company which after originating in 1948 in Caerano di San Marco (Treviso) as an artisanal mountain boot workshop has now become an Italian giant in the realm of sport excellence — are teaming up to celebrate the latter’s 70th anniversary through a uniquely authentic partnership.

The year 2018 is a special one for Diadora. In fact,  it wants to celebrate its 70th anniversary by commemorating the numerous successes and iconic products that have set its history a class apart. Where to begin? Precisely from its origins in 1948 as a small mountain boot workshop. So what better partner than the storied Diemme footwear factory which, thanks to its craftsmanship and know-how in the making of first-class hiking boots, partnered with Diadora in the creation of the  Tonale mod. 1948. In particular, after keen styling research, together the two brands designed the boot, adapting Diemme’s classic “Roccia vet” model to shoes in Diadora’s archives. 
All outstanding, materials and finishes are prime examples of Italian excellence. The same is true of the workmanship. The upper, in full-grain cow leather, features double logo detailing on the outer part of the tongue and on the back leather banner. That’s in addition to exquisite hardware in a nod to Diadora’s early workshop days. The neck and bellows tongue, black of hue, are in ultra-soft calfskin; the ultra comfortable shoe lining is in a calf, too. The extractible anatomical latex instep makes for a perfect fit, while the strictly Vibram sole gives the shoe a fashionable urban look and feel.   


The boot releases in-store first in Italy (December the 9th) and worldwide (December the 16th) at select multiband stores and sneaker shops.


Retail price is 349€ / 399$.