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BRACHMANN new collection

Tal peer
BRACHMANN new collection

Why we love BRACHMANN new collection ? Because it doen’’t look like anybody’s else.

In a time when everybody dress the same it is inspiring to find uniqueness, creativity and refreshing point of view to men’s fashion. That’s why ADON love BRACHMANN.


BRACHMANN‘s Story & Concept

In January 2018, shortly before we started working on the new summer collection 2019, we discovered on Instagram images of one of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s (not so famous) building – the Johnson Wax Headquarter.

We were struck by the timeless modernity of its design language, its effortless construction, and its balanced color composition. It became immediately clear to us that we wanted to create a playfully minimalist collection inspired by this architecture‘s gentle strengths, filigree contours, and minimalist opulence.


BRACHMANN‘s 2019 summer collection takes the airy mood and organic elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and transposes them into contemporary fashion. Long and flowing pleats in dresses, blouses, trousers, and coats, resemble the building’s superbly light pillars. The sleeves‘ rounded raglan constructions mirror the arcs in its lucid roof construction. The dynamically organic structures are translated into falling pleats that open when moved, while vertically structured fabrics like corduroy or subtle pinstripes designs take up the vertical of the spacious room impression.


Translucent fabrics play with the spherical light effects and the dreamy atmosphere in the swimming pool. Different aliphatic characteristics of the building‘s materials can be retrieved in different fabrics like silk, cotton batiste, cotton, light merino wool, and corduroy. The collection‘s color palette transposes the buildings color mood into today ranging from warm gold, beige, rosé, to bronze, while light blue, teal, and white set counterpoints.