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End of summer report

Tal peer

Songzio SS18 – Summer suit as it should be

‘Man, in his night, searches for his own light’ – this phrase inspired Songzio’s SS18 collection entitled “Crossing Veils”. The contemporary Seoul based designer opened day two of London Fashion Week Men’s with a collection that brightened everyone’s morning. The captivating horizontal stripes appeared this season in a summer version - and while the brand’s classic blacks and whites were still very much present – in contrast came pumpkin orange, royal blue and yellow – as inspired by two portrait paintings by Velasquez depicting the Infanta Margarita Teresa in both a pink and a blue dress.


Songzio’s creations present the summer suit as it should be: classic with a playful twist, balancing tailored fits with relaxed materials. Featuring sharply tailored fit jackets, shawl collar tailored suits bearing the seasons’ art print, shirts and T shirts with watercolour paintings and straight cut trousers with side fringe detailing. This season Songzio has also designed two pieces of footwear including derby’s embellished with metal studs and sandals – the perfect daytime pairing with the tailored suit for a classy yet bold summer look.

The designer, which is known for his translation from canvas to catwalk, starts the creation process for each of his collections by visualising his ideas on canvas using oil paints, creating his signature crossing strokes. His artworks are then translated into printed textiles, making every season another delicately curated exposition. Painting the crossing strokes onto the canvas, he expresses the simultaneous dissonance and harmony of an object and its emotions simultaneous dissonance and harmony of an object and its emotions. The stern vertical strokes represent the object while the sharp horizontal strokes represent its emotions: a young man and his ambition, a boy and his curiosity, lovers and love. The result is a bold and dramatic collection that is well balanced with delicate artworks.


Words: Limor Helfgott – Milkey Magazine


Images: Mike Rolls – Milkey Magazine