Jeremy Kaye

Supermodel Jamie Wise Exclusive Interview For ADON Magazine Issue #3 Cover Story

Jeremy Kaye
Supermodel Jamie Wise Exclusive Interview For ADON Magazine Issue #3 Cover Story


The English Rose and Roll Jamie Wise



He is one of the sweetest models in New York City, fun to  work with, humble and he has a thousand faces from extra sexy to big time silly boy. We were wondering who is Jamie Wise and how can he be so happy all the time?


Did you know you were a pretty boy when you were a child?

Not really I was in a world of my own making mischief with my brothers and friends. My childhood was pretty crazy and pretty fun, I grew up in Whitley Bay near Newcastle with four brothers so we were like a little team.


What was your childhood dream?

I wanted to be a professional rugby player, but then later on I started putting a lot more time into Acting.


Sport was a big part of your childhood, how did it affect your personality?

Sport gave me the focus I needed to pursue my acting and my singing. I like winning a lot too.

Why did your dreams changed?

I was 13 when I got my first role in the high school play, absolutely loved it. As I carried on I got really into the philosophy side of acting as well as performing,  so I pursued it further at University. I've sang all my life! Used to sing the backstreet boys classics with my four brothers in the back of the family mini van when I was really young!


How did you get discovered as a model ?

I was managing the café section at Fulham Football club 7 days a week. I got sick of it and around the same time I got an Acting agent. On my first few meetings with the acting agent she convinced me to send my headshots into some model agencies and the rest is history.


How was the move from a small town in England to NY?

It was really intimidating as I'd only visited the place once and remembered it being pretty busy, but New York is an amazing place and today I love it.

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What do you miss?

I miss adventuring out with friends, climbing mountains, drinking by a fire and getting up to mischief in Whitley Bay


Tell us about tough moments you  experiencedduring your modeling  career?

The travelling can be a bit crazy, especially with all the waiting times. I used to have a bit of difficulty at the beginning never being available but after a few years it's became easier.


What is your proud moment?

I was really proud and excited when I got my first campaign/covers as I really had no idea how modeling would go.

What is your dream work?

Anything I can walk away from being happy, helped create something I find interesting.


What do you think about the male model fashion industry?

Kinda crazy, but pretty fun at the same time.

Everyone's pretty relaxed, not many people take themselves too seriously, and I've met a lot of top lads over the years that I really appreciate.


What music do you sing and what instrument do you play?

I sing all sorts. I play guitar and a little bit of piano. I love things like Radiohead, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, any song that hits a nerve with me I love to sing it out while playing my guitar, it's the best feeling.

What is your goal as a musician?

To write really incredible songs.

I'm always practicing and writing new stuff, I don't put too much weight on it as I'm just playing around and doing what I love to do, but I'm willing to go wherever it takes me and I'll always be looking for people who want to hear my stuff.


What is your inspiration?

A lot of my songs perfectly sum up the way I was feeling at a particular point in my life. When I'm feeling something really strongly I sit down, play my guitar and write a song.

Do you go to acting school?


I went to University for four years to study acting before I was a model, but since being a model I go to the odd class when I have enough time.

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What is your goal as an actor?

My end goal would be to be a recognized actor with thousands of people coming to see the performances I create.


What is your inspiration as an actor?

 Life! My life, everyone's life, what it is to be a human being in this world. Acting lets you explore all of that stuff.


How do you balance your career as a model, your career as a singer and actor and personal life?

I mainly model at the moment and it gives me enough time to work on my Music. When I get a break I push acting, but I can never build much momentum because I go somewhere else, but once it calms down and I have a bit of money I'm going to dedicate everything to acting.

What gives you motivation in life?

I like being happy, I like the people around me to be happy and content. I just want move a long easily without much negativity and enjoy the one life I have.


what is your training routine?

I've always done a set of push-ups and sit-ups before going to bed since my rugby days, but I've never really been a big gym person.


What is your diet?

I eat anything that takes me fancy but mainly Asian food. I love Thai, Indian, Japanese, Mexican. I don't think there's anything I wouldn't eat if it's meant to be eaten.


What do you listen to when you workout?

Some high-tempo Foo-Fighters song.


What do you listen to when you relax?

Frank Sinatra!


What is your style and where do you shop ?

I like being comfortable but looking smart, I don't specifically brand-hunt but I like good quality clothing. I shop quite a lot in vintage stores because I like that the stuff looks a bit worn.


What book do you read now?

The Wheel of Time, a big 12 book epic. It's amazing.

Who is your role model?

All the big actors in Films, especially Cristian Bale & Russel Crowe.


Favorite movie?

That's a tough one I've watched and loved so many: Batman The Dark Knight probably because Heath Ledger was incredible in it.


Favorite play ?

The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh


Favorite actor?

Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman


Favorite restaurant in NYC?

Vaselka in the East Village, used to live opposite and go there after a heavy night out at 5 in the morning.


Favorite place in England ?

The Lake District mountains.


Moto in life / words to leave by?

Don’t be a dick.

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