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Model Felix Nieder – Adon Exclusive Story “When Dolls Come Alive“

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Model Felix Nieder – Adon Exclusive Story “When Dolls Come Alive“

Model Felix Nieder – Adon Exclusive Story “When Dolls Come Alive“

Dolls like Barbie and Ken seem to be the flawless prototypes of human beings, but their beauty is only skin deep. Sometimes perfection isn‘t perfect. Felix Nieder is a German model who poses for Adon as a Santa Claus version of Ken. His partway doll-like life is explained in the following story “When Dolls Come Alive“. It‘s about morbid perfection, striving after dreams and dusty nostalgia. To understand the story behind it we have to outline Felix‘ journey from rejection to success.


This is Felix Story:

“I was born in a small city nearby Hamburg, Germany. When I was young I was always impressed by supermodels like Heidi Klum. So I wanted to become a model myself, and tried to find a good agency in Hamburg. But it wasn‘t that easy, because I was rejected a couple of times. Afterwards I started posting pictures on Instagram and that was the best decision I could have made. The following days I was contacted by agencies from both NYC and Los Angeles. But I began to realize that modeling is a very superficial business. The New York agency told me I needed a perfect body. If you have strong abs we get more money, they said. I felt like a lifeless doll. Up to this point I still didn‘t choose an agency and started to manage myself. In the meantime it was Fashion Week in Berlin and I contacted the featured Fashion Designers. I wanted to prove to the agents that I‘m more than just a replaceable doll.”


So you called them on your own?

Yes, I did. After some conversations, I got an email from the American designer Ashley Drapes. She wanted me to walk for her runway show on the Berlin Fashion Week. I presented two outfits - underwear and a suit. It was such a great feeling, because after the show the whole team reaffirmed me my talent in modeling. They treated me very well! It was definitely a big springboard for me, because then I got in touch with other fashion designers, magazines (like the GQ Magazine) and fashion labels. I think it showed me that it‘s very possible to do what you love, when you strive after it.


What did you do after the success in Berlin?

I went to America to get new experiences. I talked to agencies who want to represent me. I definitely could imagine living there.


What will be your next job and what do you like the most about it?

In January there will be Fashion Weeks in London and Berlin. I will go to several castings and I‘m looking forward to working with new designers. Those two cities are so crazy, so you will never know which extraordinary outfits you will wear. That is what I really like about my job - the variety of fashion. Sometimes it is like a big masquerade.


Let‘s talk about your photoshoot. Why do you look like the Santa Claus version of Ken?

It reminds on the good old times when I was a child and waited for Santa Claus to bring me presents. I was always so excited. You could see little stars shining in my eyes. So the photoshoot is a good combination of my job today and the nostalgic days.


What is the idea behind this photography?

When I walk through the shopping malls I see all those beautiful dolls. They look all the same - pretty. In today’s society everyone strives after perfection without ever achieving the full “perfection“ they desire. They get plastic surgeries or put massive amounts of make up on their faces. When I was in Los Angeles, on every third corner there was a beauty doc. So many people have injected lips or a “Kim Kardashian butt“. Isn‘t it ridiculous to go in a shop and say: “A Kim Kardashian butt, please!“ And yes, there are studies which mathematically tell us how to get the perfect face or the perfect body, but when do you lose your individualism in it all? When I was young, classmates said, oh you have such a big nose! It really hurt me. So I thought about a surgery, but then I realized that it makes me the person I am. There are so many beautiful models out there without having any personality, but in this business it‘s so important to have something special. Look at Cindy Crawford with her mole or Cara Delevingne with her big eyebrows. Those “flaws” became their trade marks.

When I stand in front of the camera I like to present fashion, but I also show my personality. So every photoshoot gets a personal stamp. It’s about charisma and your inner light. I think there is a new movement especially in the fashion industry that it‘s more important to have personality instead of being just a doll.


So what is your advice?

Be proud of who you are. Don‘t hide yourself. Show what you got. Of course you can buy a beautiful doll, but remember you are better than that.




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