Jeremy Kaye

Model Daniel Garofali for ADON Magazine Issue #3

Jeremy Kaye
Model Daniel Garofali for ADON Magazine Issue #3
Adon Issue 3-18

Adon Issue 3-18

Daniel Garofali


Daniel Garofali is the hardest working model we know. "The world's first social media supermodel" made a brand of himself and he is considered to be a mega celeb and a role model for many young dreamers who come to New York City to fulfill their dreams. We wanted to investigate what is his secret?


What was your childhood dream?

When I ask my parents, they tell me that I didn’t specifically say anything but more of my actions. I used to write poetry, and now I’m a writer, I used to dance around all the time and then I became a Professional Dancer. I guess it’s true when they say ‘actions speak louder than words’.


What can you tell us about your childhood?

I grew up in Sydney's Western Suburbs in the late 90's and I wouldn't change a thing. The years of Rollerblades, Tubing on the River, Nintendo and hot summers in the Pool. I'm the middle child of three

boys so it was literally 'fun and games until someone pokes an eye out'. My parents taught me everything I needed to know, but more importantly, let me do everything I wanted to do. To this day, I still have the same mates that I have known since Pre School

so I have a very close network of people I love and trust.


When dancing came into your life?

Dancing came early on. There is a video of myself as a little kid rocking out on the dance floor for hours at my Aunty’s 21st Birthday. Growing up, my mates at school wanted me to teach them moves so they could impress girls but unfortunately you can’t teach rhythm. For my last years in high school, I decided to attend a Performing Arts School my majored was Dance and I started working professionally in the industry.

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Tell us about your life as a dancer – what was your daily routine, what did you eat, what did you love about it and what was difficult?

Life for all artists can be difficult. As a freelancer, the lack of security and consistency can be unnerving and many people struggle with this. On the flipside, that’s what makes the career choice fresh and

exciting as you never know what is around the corner for you.

An average day for me involved lots of rehearsals. Many are surprised to find out how much time, preparation and hard work go into creating production shows for the stage and/or television.

Due to the fact that we required to be constantly active, it was necessary to consume a large amount of food to maintain the energy needed to keep up with the day. I eat a clean and healthy unprocessed foods.


When did you move to NY?

I always travelled for work as a Professional Dancer. In 2010, I decided to head to the US purely for a break. I ended up meeting lots of people that eventually led to signing a contract with one of the best modeling agency in the world, Wilhelmina Models. From that moment, my whole life trajectory changed. I never thought I would leave Australia on a permanent bases nor did I go to America with the intention of not coming back. After a couple of years of enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity, its becoming more clear that I won't be moving back anytime soon although I will visit as much as possible. Once I'm ready to start a family, that all might change.


What excite you about modeling?

I guess I enjoy the industry as an artistic practice. The combination of conceptual arts, fashion, form and movement captures the essence of myself. In a way, modeling has been the end results of my pursuits of dance and the visual and conceptual arts. The creation, the process and finally the end product is a journey that never gets old.


Tell us about good and bad experience in NY regarding the modeling world.

There is no good without bad, and modeling is no exception. As a model, I am able to live in one of the best cities in the world. You just need to listen to the Jay Z/Alicia Keys song to know what there is to love about it. Plus, we get to fly to exotic location such as the San Blas Islands in the Carribean, all for the sake of work.

Unfortunately, moving to NY meant that I left my family and friends in Australia....oh, and Bondi beach.

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You are "the world's first social media supermodel". Tell us about the way you billed your brand and how do you promote yourself?

I guess that was coined about me early on in my career because of the popularity of my work on the internet. From there, it only grew and grew, spawning an online shop selling merchandise with my face on

it. Social media became a way for me to show my thanks, answer questions and simply pay attention. It’s still strange when I think about it but I am completely grateful for the support of people around the world.


What is your secret? Why people want to know everything about you? Is it the look or personality?

I think I would be kidding myself if I didn’t say it was my looks initially. That is definitely how people noticed me at first but then, I think they realized that I had a little more to offer. I engaged them with my

writing pursuits of the modeling industry and my reports on the charity red carpets. Its become less about me and more about what I can share to the world.


Did you create an image for yourself or “what we see is what we get” ?

I never pretend to be someone I am not, unless its onset. Creating an image never works, no matter who you are. People see right through that.


When and how did it become business for you?

My life is supported by my ‘brand’ so it has been a business since I booked my first paying job as a performer in High School. These industries are made or broken by presenting yourself as, essentially, a product. Thankfully, with platforms on the internet and through my writing and red carpet reports, I can have a voice beyond that as a 2D image in a magazine.


What do you sell in your store?

On my online store at, I sell Sweatshirts, T Shirts, Calendars and DVD’s. All are available with worldwide shipping. I play a large role in producing these products so I feel comfortable selling them to people who followed and supported me from the very beginning. I put allot of time and effort into them while keeping the cost down so they can reach as many people as possible. They are my creations and I am very proud of them, especially the apparel, when I see people wearing around the world.

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You have great style, where do you shop and who are your favorite designers?

My style is constantly evolving. I’m not one to only shop here or there, nor do I hesitate to buy something from brand that might not be consider high-end. In terms of fashion, there is nothing better than finding an amazing piece in the most unexpected places, and better yet, at a ridiculously cheap price.

My favorite piece at the moment is my MCM Jacket.


What is your workout routine?

I am not very particular with my routine. I basically choose what muscle group I’m working out when I get to the gym. I don’t have set days or anything like that. It’s more of an organic process for me.


What music do you listen to when you workout?

Many of my friends travel the clubs of the world as DJ’s. They send me their latest t mixes and they go straight onto my Gym Playlist.


What do you eat?

For the past year, I have lived by a vegan lifestyle. I eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and grains. It’s a choice I made with lots of research and at the point in my life, it was right for me.


What do you do for fun?

New York known for its nightlife. It has such a great energy. There is something on every night of the week and its completely addictive. It’s hard not to have fun.


Favorite movie – Donnie Darko


Favorite book – Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius


Dream work

continue to move forward in my career is more than I can ask for. I never dream that my life would turn out like this and I don’t know where it is heading. As long as its up, than it’s ok with me.


Favorite restaurant in NY – Gobo


Favorite place in Australia - Hyams Beach