Jeremy Kaye

Model Alex Minsky – “The Beauty Of Heroism” for ADON Magazine Issue #2

Jeremy Kaye
Model Alex Minsky – “The Beauty Of Heroism” for ADON Magazine Issue #2


The Beauty of Heroism - Alex Minsky


There is a beauty in imperfection and the imperfection is what makes us unique and special. 


Alex Minsky lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan and yet, made his story an inspiration for all.  He proudly and rightfully so, shows his perfectly toned body and talks about his journey, so others can draw courage and learn.


This is Alex's story:


"I was born and raised in California. Pretty normal family. Raised in the suburbs: Mom, dad, four kids and a dog.  After high school I had no idea where I wanted to go in life.  The Marines offered a future with some direction.  I was confident in myself and believed I was a strong leader; physically capable and willing.  Seemed like a perfect fit.  Trusting my gut, I joined and shipped to boot camp the January after I turned nineteen.  I knew I wanted to do something exciting.  I didn't know what I was going to see, but I knew it would be an adventure. I was in a weapons platoon with my unit in Hawaii and we were deployed to Afghanistan in early 2009."


Tell me about your injury.  How did it happen and what do you remember?

"We ran over a bomb, called an IED.  I really don't remember the specifics of that day, nor the days immediately before or after it happened.  I have zero memory of about four months of my life in 2009."


How long did it take for you to do the first step?

 "My goal that I set for myself was to be up and walking for my Purple Heart ceremony that was set for November 10th.  I made it - with a cane."


Is it hard to get used to walking with the new leg?

"A heck of a lot harder than it is being stuck sitting in a wheelchair to get around.  I need to stay active by moving and being productive." 


Where did you find the strength to start walking again?

"It was never a question of if I was going to walk. The only thing I needed to know were the steps of  how to learn again and whatever the doctors told me  I handled with 200% of my energy and focus."


Tell me about a tough moment that you had?

"Countless and endless.  So many to choose from.  I can't choose just one. And they all seemed like the hardest thing ever in my life at that time. Though that's not to say they were too tough to handle.  I had never seen that kind of hardship, but I was going to figure it out and figure out how to beat it.  Mental fortitude and confidence takes you far in this world."


Why modeling?

"I love learning about fitness and nutrition and both are such big parts of it. The work I put into my fitness and taking care of myself with a healthy lifestyle is put at center stage.  And I get to stand around naked for long periods of time, which I love even more."


It is brave to take photos of you without the leg, what is your message?

"Obstacles are put in our paths so we can overcome them and to make us stronger and better...and to make us smarter and more able to handle life. Adapt to new life where you need to.  Be happy, healthy, good to one another.  It helps if you smile often."


What do you want people to learn from you?

"Well, I would like that when people see me or hear about me, they learn that things are never too hard to beat.  Just because something seems impossible, doesn't mean it is impossible! My hope is that everyone takes what they need to hear from me. Take the best and leave the rest."


What is your inspiration?

"Clean, pure, wholesome living.  Clean and clear of anything that will cloud my mind.  I don't want to cloud my thinking.  I've minimized my negative outside influences, so it's just me.  Only I can push myself."


You have a perfect body, what is your workout routine?

"Thank you. But not all of the credit should be given to my workouts. Proper nutrition and just healthy living is equally as important. That's my little pitch."


What is your diet ?

"As many whole fruits and veggies I can get my paws on. Minimize my bad fats and sugar, try and completely cut out all processed foods.  And drinking water is very important.  Staying active is important for your diet, just like a good clean diet is extremely important for your workouts.  Over all, healthy choices."


What makes you happy?

"Smiling people."


What do you afraid of?

"Shark attacks, swarms of killer bees."


What do you do for fun?

"Laugh.  Laughing is fun.  Gut wrenching belly laughs and hanging out with the knuckleheads who make me do that.  I can be  pretty silly, not giving a crap who is around to judge me and not listening to what "judgers" have to say."


What are your dreams?

"When it's all said and done, to have done more than I said I'd do."