roy fire

MOA X Disney Capsule Spring/Summer 2016

roy fire

Mickey Is Back

For the Spring/Summer 2016 season, MOA - acronym for Master of Arts Sneakers - has teamed up with The Walt Disney Company in order celebrate a major figure of our childhood: Mickey Mouse, the iconic cartoon character and official mascot of Disneyland.

The capsule collection was conceived as an artful take on an emblem of pop culture, with the aim to emphasize the style potential of the Mickey Mouse symbol, by turning it into a true style icon that adorns MOA's colorful and quintessentially urban tennis trainers, running sneakers and loafers.

To celebrate Walt Disney's outstanding creativity in style, the MOA x Disney capsule collection proposes three different Mickey Mouse shoe design variations: one pair of casual loafers, two lace-up running sneakers, and four lace-up tennis trainers. The latter are adorned with Mickey Mouse effigy patches, which form an artistic jacquard pattern on the shoe's surface in white, anthracite, baby pink and electric blue hues, while the two-tonerunning sneakers come with splashes of vibrant primary colors and a Mickey Mouse effigy on each side-panel of the shoe.

The loafers, for their part, are adorned with a magnified Mickey Mouse print on a striped canvas that recalls the impact of large-scale artworks from the pop-art movement that successfully dissolved the 'high/low' cultural dichotomy – a boundary-less art mantra that is also speaking for Walt Disney himself, the genius behind the famous mouse that stays for fun, dreams and togetherness and made its way into the hearts of millions around the globe.

2 styles from the collab will be delivered in December (white and black) with the remaining dropping in stores February 2016.