Jeremy Kaye

International Model Michael Lewis for ADON Magazine premier Issue – December 2012

Jeremy Kaye
International Model Michael Lewis for ADON Magazine premier Issue – December 2012


Michael Marion Lewis

It is hard to believe that this hot Israeli supermodel (also a basketball player and swimmer) was born with a heart defect and had multiple heart attacks at ages 15, 17 and 23 (on live T.V).

His father is from Argentina, his mother from the Netherlands. They emigrated to Israel in the sixties. "When they met my mom had a cigarette and my dad had a lighter. That's how their love was lit. They lived in a kibbutz but they are no longer together. My mother, Olga, is one of the most influential people in my life. She is ambitious, simple and enjoys the small things in life".

In early 2010, Lewis was the winner of the fifth season of the Israeli version of "Dancing with the Stars." In 2012 he participated in the sixth season of  the reality show "Survivor: The VIP Season," but he retired early in the game due to a heart attack captured on live T.V. with millions of his fans watching. 

Now Lewis is in New York trying to make it in the big city. Lewis has already worked with brands like GANT, Macy's, Michael Bastian and GQ magazine.

His next stop is Hollywood.


Modeling Agency


Favorite place in New York

Central Park

Workout routine

Focuses mostly on strength, body weight and resistance training with rubber bands.   "I believe that my body is the best weight. I go to the gym three times a week. I play basketball twice a week and do Krav Maga, a martial art, twice a week."

Favorite foods

Lamb, tuna, Israeli salad, vegetables, and fruits. I drink water and margaritas.

Favorite part of women's body

I love a big ass, Jennifer Lopez style.

Favorite underwear

Boxer or commando

Favorite book

Think of a Number by John Verdon


Favorite music  

Coldplay, Mike Snow, XX, Avicii, 2Pac, Lifehouse, Lil Wayne, Drake, and other hip-hop, rock and house


At the gym - Only electronic, techno and house playlists to get me in the groove



"I have nine -

1. On my wrist : A Thai sign marking the maze of life. The goal in life is to break down walls to reach the four extremes: love, life, prosperity and health.

2. Om - I was an aggressive kid, sport helped me get though it. The Om sign reminds me to stay calm and not get angry due to others’ stupidity.  

3. On my other wrist - 'word ' in Hebrew (Mila). I just couldn't commit to my promises and I decided to make changes in my life. "Word" reminds me to keep my promises.

4. Marilyn Monroe's lips

5. 'What goes around comes around, so listen and learn'

6. The first letter of every member of my family, and my grandmother’s name, Louisa, as a circle around my ankle. It represents the circle of life, love, life, my family name. Family is the most important thing in life.

7. A tattoo on my right leg on my calf muscle - a tattoo I created after a dream I had. The tattoo has four symbols: Sagittarius, two stars - one that symbolizes me and one symbolizes God, Star of David and my initials "M.L", around my birthdate. Connection of  the four symbolizes means spiritual protection on my name and my belief that I was born with the good fortune to see the world and experience things that others will never understand.

8. Ultraviolet tattoo - 'Even the longest hour is sixty minutes'. So I'll remember to  appreciate my time (as one of my teachers taught me).

9. 'Sei sincero con te stresso' - means: be honest in Italian".

 Motto in life

Reach the goal at any cost.