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ES Collection Men's Swimwear 2017 Fashion Show

roy fire
ES Collection Men's Swimwear 2017 Fashion Show

The gods of Es Collection land in Barcelona to give closure to the city's fashion week


The signature stamped "made in Barcelona" brand which is today present on five continents has closed Barcelona's fashion week in one of the most anticipated events with its fashion show on the exclusive space One Ocean Port Vell on the quay.

Official Catwalk video:


For the occasion, ES Collection carried out a special casting based on the highest international standards to combine fashion with the most desirable physiques in the male sector.



2017 - ES Collection Swimwear collection: Kaleidos

This time science and fashion come together to create a chromatic journey through the consolidated style of ES Collection, coinciding with the celebration of its tenth anniversary.

Kaleidos is defined as a colour trip, in which science and fashion come together to create a collection full of prisms, light rays, reflexive and axioms which create the infinite range of colours. For our designer, Carmen Monforte, ES Collection presents its perception of how we interpret and allow to freely roam the fundamental basis of what we are: colour.

The collection is inspired in the work "Opticks", a publication made by Isaac Newton in 1704 where aesthetics and culture are joined together based on the formation of images through lenses, spectral decomposition, and colour re-composition, which allowed to inspire on an innovative new language, generating fresh and modern expressions.

In line with our brand's philosophy, Carmen Monforte is committed to using the highest quality fabrics and to the unprecedented design of our garments, seeking values which differentiate us, both innovatively and exclusively.

On this occasion, the brand is reinventing itself and has three clearly defined lines to offer different trends to all kinds of men. Kaleidos looks to reach back to the origins of ES Collection through colour and open up to a universal market coinciding with its tenth anniversary, with a sense of functionally renovating aesthetics.