roy fire

DEU by ES Collection - For every man / New Swimwear 2016

roy fire

ES Collection introduce you to thier10th swimwear campaign, coinciding with the year that marks the brand's first decade on the market.

DEU means "ten" in Catalan, which is a language spoken together with Spanish in Catalonia.

DEU is much more than just a number. It represents a whole decade of our search for the "perfection for men".

ES Collection introduces you to a totally different line of swimwear. The brand is firmly committed to provide men with bold prints and sophisticated collections without forgetting our characteristic garments but renewed basic and athletic models, which are continuously present in each year's line. Another new thing  this season, is the addition of a great number of surfer shorts and swimsuits which promises those who love sport a trendier option.


Photographer: Fernando Gómez
Art Direction & Production: Héctor Aguilar
Production Manager : Belén Rodriguez
Audiovisuals: Punt De Gir
Graphics & Concept: Rubén Ibáñez
Beauty & Hairdresser: Tön Vangard

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