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Calum Winsor 2016 LOVE Calendar And Gift Cards

roy fire

We are excited to present to you the perfect gift for the holidays. The most fabulous way to open 2016 – Calum Winsor 2016 LOVE calendar and gift cards.

Calum Winsor is a sexy Australian fitness/fashion model with a killer body and a heart of gold. Calum created a beautiful, sexy calendar for 2016 and super sexy and fun set of gift cards for the holidays.

When we asked Calum Winsor about his inspiration for this project he said: “I'm a 100% lover and Aquarius free spirit so after we made the magic blood love heart and the final products came out I couldn't help love this and call it LOVE. With the intention of everyone else loving it as much as I do and have enjoying piecing it together”.
This is a self published calendar that Adon magazine is happy to support and promote as your looking for a gift for somebody special in your life.

Photography by Brian Jamie

Alpine creative group


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