roy fire

Adon Magazine Issue 18

roy fire

Adon 3 years anniversary issue! 

Adon Magazine Issue 18


Adon issue 18, 2016 edition, celebrating Adon 3 years anniversary with a double cover featuring

model Matthew Young and fitness star Anton Antipov.


Inside Issue 18 you will the stories untitled “ Left To Late” and “The Butcher” featuring our cover

stars Models Matthew Young and Anton Antipov.


Come celebrate with us!




Front Cover

Model: Matthew Young @ ADAM MODELS NYC

Photographer: Robert Clyde Grima

Styling: Bobby Amale

Grooming: Ty Shearn


Back cover

Model Anton Antipov @ WILHELMINA

Photographer Matt Bishop

Creative direction Roy Fire and Tal Peer

Styling Anthony Allred

Art direction Erica Rezuke

Grooming Mara Cifronti using Mac Cosmetics

Styling assistant Anna Subbotina

Adon 18 is out Friday, Jan 22th on the Adon App and in stores, Jan 29th.

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