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3 Tips For Finding The Right Watch

roy fire

 3 Tips For Finding The Right Watch

"A wrist is a terrible thing to waste," or so says GQ in its latest guide to men's watches. The point of this statement is to point out that while people everywhere have basically transitioned to using their smartphones (and now smart watches, on occasion) to tell time, there's no reason to forego the use of the wrist for the sake of style.


In fact, one can even argue that now more than ever the wristwatch is a fashion accessory. With watches becoming slightly obsolete as actual tools for telling time, those who choose to wear them can focus entirely on look and feel when making selections. Keeping that in mind, here are some of my best tips for choosing the right watch for your style and outfit.


Open Your Mind To Mid-Tier Brands


This is pretty unconventional advice among watch lovers, and I'm not suggesting you should eschew top-tier brands entirely. For many, a watch is a long-term investment, or even something that could become a sort of family heirloom. If you fall into that category, you may want to keep an eye on the higher end of things. But for the average guy who wants to use watches for the sake of style, the middle tier is ideal in that it can provide you with a price point that allows you to buy several watches, instead of just one.


We all know the popular brands: Rolex and Omega are the conventional kings, and Citizen is commonly seen as a nice quality brand at a more reasonable price point. But I'd encourage guys looking for new watches to explore collections featuring other, somewhat-lesser known brands in the Citizen range. Lyst's men's watch selection is an interesting place to start in this regard, supplying appealing and varied options from names like Tsovet, Daniel Wellington, and even the higher end of Fossil. Scrolling through these is a nice way to remind yourself that the $150-$400 price range has a lot to offer in both quality and variety.


Have A Sportier Watch On Hand


One of the most annoying things about having a single watch to rely upon is that it simply won't go with some more casual outfits. Particularly during the warmer months of the year, when you might be in lighter, more carefree attire, or attending an outdoor event, a high-end watch can look out of place. For this reason, it's always a good idea to stock your watch collection with one or two sportier options.


This is an idea that was explored a couple summers ago by Details. While some of the specific watches pointed to therein—options from brands ranging from G-Shock to Louis Vuitton—may now be outdated, the styles remain popular. Sleek, monochrome and matte metal faces, worn leather or material-based straps, and unconventional colors can all make for a lighter and more athletic look that often goes better with casual outfits.


Know What A Watch Is Meant For


Many get so preoccupied looking at brand names and collections that they can lose sight of some of the very basic associations that go along with major design features. Men's XP dug into some of these associations, stating that gold watch faces are great during the day and with colors in the brown, beige, and tan range, whereas silver faces are often better in the evening and with darker clothing.


By no means are these absolute associations, and every watch is different, but understanding ideas like these is a good way to remind yourself that buying the right watch isn't just about the watch itself. It's also about how you're going to use it, and what you're going to wear it with.


These are some of the basic tips I'd encourage all men to keep in mind when buying new watches. Basically, keep an open mind to variety and consider watches in the context of your own style and activity. Beyond all of that, personal preference can take over.