Jake Bass - Jake Bass is one of the famous music producers and composers in United States. He is the son of Jeff Bass, who was a part of the Bass Brothers production team. He has produced tracks for Blue Cheese & Coney Island record and Bizarre.

Jeff Seid - Jeff Seid is a young bodybuilder and a fitness model. He has even contested for the Mr. Olympia contest and has ended up with great achievements. He is a person who truly loves living an athletic lifestyle.

River Viiperi - River Viiperi is a popular Spanish model, who is aged 25 years. He got the opportunity to appear in a variety of advertisement campaigns for world famous brands such as Versace, Armani Exchange, the American Eagle and H & M’s Model.

Joshua Cummings - Joshua Cummings is a radical Muslim and he is considered as the suspect for the shooting of a former Pastor and cop in Colorado. Before killing the cop, he has shared a series of anti-cop tweets through his social media channels as well. In addition, he has been thrown out of a mosque in Texas recently, which people believe to make him take such a decision.

Alex Minsky - Alex Minsky is a model, who has formerly been working as a Marine Corporal in United States. He met an unfortunate incident when he was engaged with duty in Afghanistan. However, he didn’t give up and finally he was able to become one of the most successful models. After going through a series of challenges in life, he went through physical fitness training, which he loved and helped him to become a model with minimum hassle.

Mr. Olympia 2015 – The 2015 Mr. Olympia contest was held back in Nevada, where 212 athletes competed against each other. However, Phil Heath was able to end up winning the title. He is a six time Mr. Olympia winner as well. It was for the 5th time where Phil Heath won the Mr. Olympia title.

Christopher George – Christopher George was an American movie actor, who became extremely popular for his performance in the Rat Patrol television series back in 1960s. He was also able to win an award at the New York Film Festival for the best actor. He got married to an actress named Lynda Day George.

Adam Senn - Adam Senn is an actor, model and a restaurateur who was born in United States. He is an alumni of the prestigious Atlantic Theatre as well. He appeared in a large number of movies, music videos and television shows. Now he owns his own restaurant, which is located in the New York City.