Jeremy Kaye

To quote the Great Tom Ford

Jeremy Kaye
To quote the Great Tom Ford

  I know my stuff on the site is usually about food or exercise...Or just an obligatory shirtless selfie. Yet every once in a while I feel the need to remind myself what originally drew me so strongly to ADON in the first place. The reason is stated quite clearly above. It's not saying that you have to be in the most expensive clothes, its saying that taking the time to put yourself together, in any form, is showing a certain amount of respect for those in your life that you interact with, known and unknown.

I feel the same way about physique. In no way do I expect everyone in the world to work themselves to the bone until they appear carved out of marble, but I do feel that a healthy amount of respect is shown to oneself, and for others, when you take care of your health. The lasting effects of a simple resistance training routine and decent diet are incredible evident already, but lets take a look at 3 majors.

1) You will literally live longer. Barring any  unnatural disaster or unforeseen circumstance, the statistics are beyond staggering at how prolonged life can be with simple diet and exercise changes.

2) You will be happier! It is proven time and time again that hormonal response to proper diet and exercise will raise levels of hormones like serotonin, and testosterone. That means you'll be happier and want/enjoy more sex. Literally what is better than that?

3) Food. You will begin to truly appreciate what you eat when you don't constantly give into your cravings and desires. There are direct correlations between working hard for something and the increased level of enjoyment once it has been achieved. So what more do you need to hear. Sex, Happy, Food, Longer Life. I mean....CMON!

Maybe there is a fountain of youth out there... but until then, I want to enjoy a long happy life with the ones I love. Thats why I train, thats why I don't eat everything I always want. Because I want to be around, not just for me, but for them.


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