Find A Way


So today my schedule kept me from being able to get to the gym. I had clients from early in the morning until 1. Then immediately had to rush to a photo-shoot, which by that point I was already late for. Then I had to go straight to work.

But when I got to work.... I had a bit of free time.

So I looked around for a space where I could be alone, loud, sweating and possibly even yelling without fear of interruption. Luckily I work in a series of ever more numerous arenas around the globe where these things are possible.

I knew I wasn't going to get home until after 11:30 pm when the gyms (yes 2) that I have memberships to are both closed.

Most times I would allow this day to be chalked up to a miss. A time when the universe tells me there’s no time to train... and I listen.

But today was different. Today I didn't want to train... I needed to train. I had been so excited about a new workout I wanted to do, and then time just kept slipping away from me. So I stopped allowing excuses and genuine reasons to stop getting in my way.

I didn't like the way things were going... so I found a new way.

I talked to some guys who knew some guys... got some rings rigged up from a forklift and borrowed a kettle bell from the PT room.

Obviously I'm fortunate to be afforded things like this... but the idea is the same. I had no way of working out. But I found a way. I had to modify the workout greatly... but now I have another version. Plus I got to do ring dips on a fucking FORKLIFT. Awesome.

Point is, nobody else is in control of what happens to us... at some point we have to take responsibility for the way things happen in our lives. When we finally do we sometimes find its a lot easier to change than you once thought.

The way things are going... isn't the only way.

Find yours.


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