Jeremy KayeChange, Colt, Growth, life

Breaking New Ground

Jeremy KayeChange, Colt, Growth, life

I love this show. Breaking bad is everywhere right now! Everybody is tuning in, its in all the papers and on all the news stations. Every talk show has the lead actors and actresses as the special guest. They're constantly and consistently winning awards and accolades.  And whats that theres  good reason. The show is amazing and the reason why its amazing is that even though its crazy and outlandish... it is relevant to all of us. Its a show about somebody who completely flipped a switch. Somebody who went from one extreme in his life, to changing his perception of... literally everything. Thats what we have to do....

We constantly have to be willing to change and grow. To formulate new ideas about who we are and what we are capable of achieving. This is the very basis of growth in our lives.... and in my mind one of the main reasons we exist. To push those limits.

So today I challenge you to step forward... out of your comfort zone. Break New Ground