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ADON Fitness: In Bed With Colt – How To Stay In Shape Without Leaving You Bed

Jeremy Kaye
ADON Fitness: In Bed With Colt – How To Stay In Shape Without Leaving You Bed

ADON Fitness:  How To Stay In Shape Without Leaving You Bed

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Perfect 10 – In yoga or Pilates class we’d do this for about 100 reps but let’s be honest, we just woke up so we’ll just do the perfect 10. Lie on your back (like you’re already doing) Lift your feet off the bed and look at your belly button. Put your hands by your sides and tap the mattress 10 times slowly. Now, no matter who you took home last night, there’s a perfect 10 in your bed!

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Slow Push - Roll over onto your stomach, put your hands by your shoulders, now spread your legs… to about shoulder width. Flex your feet and toes. Take 3 counts to push yourself up slowly, hold for 2 counts, and in 1 count fall back into the comfort of your bed. Repeat entire process 5 times.

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Single Leg Balance - Make your way to standing on the bed close to the wall or headboard (for what may or may not be necessary support). Now here’s the tricky part. You’re going to balance on one leg with the other leg extended off the ground to the front or side. You will do this for 30 seconds for each leg. Twice. Don’t worry about losing your balance. Even if you do, you get to fall right back into bed

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Squats – Both feet back on the bed about shoulder width apart. Bend your arms at the elbow and touch your ears. Now, while leaving your back as upright as possible, bend your knees and squat down like you're going to sit in an awkwardly low chair. Go until the backs of your legs are parallel with the mattress. As soon as you're there stand back up. Do this 10 times slowly.

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Jump Squats – Now that we've warmed and woken up your whole body its time to get the cardio in. Jump on the bed. Yup. Just jump up and down on the bed like you're a kid again. Jump and fall and get back up and jump again. May sound stupid but after 5 rounds of 30 seconds each you're gonna wonder why no gym you've ever been to has beds in the cardio section. For more than one reason.

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