roy fire

New Year New Me

roy fire
New Year New Me

After spending a few months back in my hometown, it is about time to kick off 2016 with new projects and opportunities to expand further and keep advancing in my career.


As I am preparing for photo-shoots and fitness appearances starting very soon, I need to make sure that my body is ready for all the upcoming challenges. It is also significant to be fully prepared for the new journey in my mind. I intentionally had some downtime in my hometown for the end of the past year, so I could come in stronger this year. I also used this time to invest more energy into my clothing, and online business so they can run smoothly during the year.


My average daily routine evolves around 3 gym sessions. As soon as I wake up, I grab the meals I prepared at night, and I drive to the gym. I do an hour of fasted cardio. After my cardio I sit down and enjoy the first meal of the day: oatmeal and protein. I wait about 20 minutes, and I go right back to do my weight training. This usually lasts about 2 hours. Afterwards, I have my 2nd meal, then I drive home. I clean myself up, and start working on my online business, reply my online clients, check on my clothing deliveries, update my social media, etc. In the meantime I eat my meal 3 and meal 4 of the day. Once I only have 1 meal left, I do another 30 minutes of cardio, which is followed by the last meal of the day. I post my daily activities on my Snapchat, so make sure to add me on there @TheAttilaToth. All the pictures I take and post there are intended to educate and inspire all of you about a healthy and fit living, besides getting a personal insight into my life.

My take on fasted cardio:

Fasted cardio is the aerobic activity you perform without any calories in your system. Fasted stage occurs after about 5-6 hours without consuming calories (depending on the food you ate). Whatever your goal physique is, this is the best and most effective time to tone up. If you burn X calories with calories consumed prior to the aerobic activity, you will burn the calories you just ate. However, waking up and burning calories on an empty stomach, will help you get rid off that stubborn fat, which is stored.

My take on carbs:

Many individuals are afraid to consume carbohydrates, thinking they will get fat afterwards. It is truly a miss belief, which should not be a generalization that many people (especially beginners) believe in, and therefore leave out carbs from their diet. Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy eating, and living. They should not be neglected, as they are very significant in working out and building muscle. What’s more important when consuming carbs is the timing. I am a carbs sensitive person, which means my cutting diet does not involve too much of it. However, when I do, I time my daily carbs intake around my workouts. This for me means, I eat carbs before and after my lifting session, as well as after faster cardio (unless it is my pre-workout meal also). On the days I am training body parts that need improvement, I raise my carbs, and lower them with the same amount on the days I am training stronger body parts of mine. This will mean a weekly balance of calories and macro nutrients. Everybody is different, and your body will react differently. I recommend that you take the time and effort to test what your body needs, so you can eat and train accordingly.


I am still taking online clients for the spring, so feel free to email me for all your fitness needs. Let’s make this year a strong one together!


I could not be more excited for what 2016 has to offer! Follow my journey!

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