roy fire

My Supplements

roy fire
My Supplements

If you spend your wintertime at a cold location, it is extremely significant to boost your immune system not only prior to it, but also during the cold. For that reason I like to enhance my health with supplements. These supplements are not substitutes for healthy meal choices and a proper lifestyle. However, they can enhance your performance if you see them as an addition to the right lifestyle.


My supplements include the following:

·         Vitamin C 1000mg upon waking up, post-workout, and before sleep

·         Vitamin D

·         Multi Vitamin

·         ZMA

·         Omega-3 Fish Oil

·         Calcium

·         Digestive Enzymes


·         BCAAs + Glutamine during all trainings

·         Whey Protein

·         L-Carnitine


Favorite brands:

·         Protein: Dymatize ISO-100

·         BCAAs: Scivation Xtend

·         Other: MET-Rx, Optimum Nutrition, MHP, MusclePharm, Scitec Nutrition


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