roy fire

First stop - Arizona

roy fire
First stop - Arizona

My fist stop in the United States was Arizona, where I came for a weekend to shoot the spring/summer collection for Skull & Bones, a New York-based underwear company.


The travelling was quite overwhelming, as my flight time was over 20 hours. Of course, as always, I prepared my meals before, so I flew with 8 full meals. It is so essential to stay on track when you are flying, as it can make you retain water, which is a nightmare for all of us. When travelling somewhere far, I advise that you pack some easy and low-calorie food with yourself without any sodium, and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated on the plane. Ideally, these steps should ensure that you don’t hold onto much water in your body.


As soon as I arrived to Phoenix, the team headed to Scottsdale, where we stayed for 3 nights. During the days, we aimed to take advantage of the surrounding rocks and scenery. We also shot inside and around the beautiful property we were staying at. Surprisingly the weather was quite chilly at first (and unfortunately we were not modeling winter collection with warm pieces of clothes on) however for the second half of our stay the sun came out and it became warmer, which we were happy for. In my opinion feeling good is a major key to looking good, so it’s significant that you put an extra effort in feeling comfortable and happy with whatever you do.


After my trip I’m headed to LA with lots of exiting happenings. I’ll keep you guys updated!!

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