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"Attila Toth Is The Hottest Man On Earth" According To Fit Media Channel

roy fire
"Attila Toth Is The Hottest Man On Earth" According To Fit Media Channel

Here is a little piece written about me that was published on Fit Media Channel, I thought it was such a cool article so I decided to translate it for you all ;-)


It was titled: “Attila Toth is the hottest man on Earth” ... LoL. There you go!


Attila Toth is a superstar in Miami. The 20-year-old model / fitness personal was named as one of the hottest guys in the world by YouTube’s Fit Media Channel, which is the most popular fitness channel online. He can be found on major posters in America and he is one of the most popular men in Hungary on social media.


He moved to Miami at the age of 16, where he graduated from an International school. Afterwards, he was accepted to 13 American universities, and he ended up choosing Temple University in Philadelphia, however his upcoming career in fitness forced him to leave his education temporarily. His career took off after he got a top placing at his first Physique contest and he started working with the most respected names and brands in the fitness industry.


Attila is also the face on Victor Posters photographed for Hunger Games by Tim Palen.* The posters can be found in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. He spends majority of the year in the United States, however he just arrived back to Budapest for the Holidays. This is where he grew up and what he considers his home. The holiday season is the perfect time for him to to spend as much time as he can with his family and his girlfriend.


At first, the fitness star’s parents were not too delighted about the idea that Attila leaves his college education, however they fully trust and support him on the path he chose. This life includes a lot of sacrifices, and his girlfriend helps him by all means being fully supportive with him. They don’t only put a tremendous effort on keeping a proper diet; they also work out twice a day. Attila says that most of the fitness models are also personal trainers, however due to his travels he cannot afford to do that. Instead, he started to help people online by issuing tailored diet and workout plans, as well as he also offers online coaching. He also launched his own clothing line recently, and his main goal is becoming a famous actor, like Dwayne Johnson.


Hope you liked it. Here are some videos:

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