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Apparel By Attila

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Apparel By Attila

It was always a dream of mine to establish a brand as a major force in some field, and as soon as I realized which is the path I will take in the long run, designing my own clothing came so naturally.


In the spring of 2015 I decided to create an own clothing line. I dreamed about building up a brand that takes some elements of fitness and some of fashion, colliding them in the meantime. I had a logo designed earlier, which came from the initials of my first name and last name, A & T. I was looking for something simple, easy-to-identify, yet a powerful symbol.


While some people may appreciate this symbol already, it is highly unlikely that it will mean as much to them as it means to me. For that reason, I was seeking to create another design, which more individuals could see themselves wearing in and out of the weight room.


The symbol represents me and was designed with the help of three different pictures of mine.

However, it is intended to fit anybody who wears a piece of my clothing with this logo on, giving them a powerful feeling.

Accepting that we are all human beings,

and we cannot have the perfect symmetry, this logo is not symmetrical either.


Main focus

Besides the authentic design, we put a tremendous amount of effort in finding the right fabrics. There are many clothing brands in the market and I was looking to establish something different than the average. Our range of clothing is currently manufactured from 5 different materials providing an excellent comfort and long last.


Details matter


The first 100 labels in black and white


Months of testing

The arrival of the first T-back prototypes


Since Apparel by Attila is currently made out of multiple kinds of fabrics, our mission is to provide our customers with the greatest quality clothing and comfort in and out of the gym. The first process of the manufacturing is buying the right material, we create our clothing from. The 5 different fabrics are purchased from 3 different manufacturers. This particular one provides material for our full range of T-shirts, our Sleveless Hoodies, and the Thin Hoodie collection. I believe that the best way to put together any kind of project is fully staying on track with each step it involves. I recently spent a few months in my hometown, where I got to manage and control the creation and launch of my apparel. I also put a great effort in bringing the right team together, so that we provide the greatest service and quality.

Our apparel is made in the EU, and we ship all our items from Hungary, with our HQ located in the heart of Budapest.


The Collection


Sleeveless Hoodies

Tank Tops


Future Plans and Mission

I am looking to expand Apparel by Attila on the global scale. Attila Official Store is already shipping worldwide, which makes it possible to grow large internationally. Due to a high demand for more variety of clothing, we are already in the making of new designs and a ladies’ collection beginning in 2016.


Join my journey, choose Apparel by Attila!

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Limited edition pieces will be available on the Adon boutique here: